A couple of weeks ago we told you that negotiations between Mark Fergus and Amazon executives had broken down, Fergus had asked Amazon for $10 Million an episode of a 10 episode season. However Amazon pushed back stating they would only be willing to spend $50 million in total. Now obviously this was not within the desired budget for mark Fergus and his production company “Penguin in a parka” and as a result negotiations were put on hold. All of this happened before christmas in the week commencing 12th December.

But over a month has passed now, has anything changed?

Well we do have contacts who work in and around MGM and they have told us that Amazon Executives had been in and out of the meeting rooms all of last week. We are told that these meetings all involve Stargate.

So what could they possibly be discussing and why isn’t Mark Fergus and his team involved in these discussions?

Well, its very likely that Amazon are preparing their counter offer. Negotiations of these nature often take a while to finalise. There’s an offer on the table, it gets refused and then they make a counter offer. As you can imagine its not as simple as arguing over a meeting room table, plans will have to be made and budgets will have to be drawn up to show the viability of each offer.

So we have two scenarios that could play out, Scenario 1 would be Amazon have decided to fund the entire project with the full $100 Million. This would be great news and means we would get an announcement about a new Stargate Show or Movie VERY soon.

Scenario 2, however, means that they produce an offer that is unfeasible. Which means they go back to square one and will have to counter the counter offer. (I told you negotiations take time, this is usually why)

Now obviously, we’re all hoping for the former rather than the latter. MGM/Amazon want to announce this project but they just need to finalise the contracts. This will be the first major announcement from the studio since the acquisition of MGM to Amazon. The original plan was to always announce it in line with MGM+ on the 15th January but sadly that day as been and gone.

We are also hearing a lot of rumours about the nature of what we might be getting and what we are hearing is we will likely be getting a movie first and foremost. Whether that means a movie has already been decided and these discussions are for a TV show is still unclear. But a new Stargate Movie would be a major announcement. The only real question will be “Hard Reboot” or “Continuation”


By Matt

My name is Matt. I joined SciTrek in March 2022 with one goal to help foster a community of like-minded Stargate fans.

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