So first Amazon took Stargate off Prime.. no no no!

But then Amazon put Stargate on Prime! Yes yes yes!!

But then they take SG1 off Prime… what the heck?

Yes it had only been in a few weeks really when Stargate was pulled from Amazon PRIME in the USA, but in December 30th it got pulled. Why? Maybe it was to put it on MGM+ when it launches Mid-January but then it reappeared on Amazon but in a lower resolution inferior quality. Gone was the widescreen HD format and instead the old school Network version… and a few episodes are missing too!

Why… why… for the love of Goa’uld why?

Is it because negotiations with Mark Fergus are stalling so plans changed? Possibly.

Or is it something else?

Well according to my sources Stargate.. all the Stargates… will be in MGM+ after the rebranding in the USA in glorious HD widescreen brilliance but will remain on other platforms in the lower resolution. Amazon want Stargate in everyone consciousness and want as many people as possible to have access in the run up to the new show/movie announcement but at the same time want to have MGM+ as the real home of Stargate. If you want to watch all the episodes in widescreen and HD, then MGM+ is where to go.

It’s really a brilliant strategy for a show that’s been off our screens over a year and had the added bonus of confusing fans, getting them talking and getting channels like SciTrek and Gateworld talking about it.. a bit more free publicity thank you very much.

Here in the U.K. SG1 is on Sky and in Now TV (owned by Sky) but not all the episodes are available and it’s not in Widescreen HD. That’s because of a deal signed before the sale was finalised between MGM and Sky for the rights to the show. They had SGA and SGU too but lost those rights and immediately Amazon placed the shows in Widescreen HD format on… you guessed it… MGM+.

So what have we learned? Well Amazon works in mysterious ways but when you step back and look at the big picture it all makes sense.

The plan all along has been to make Amazon Prime less of a streaming service and more if a place to go and get streaming services. You will get Netflix through it, Disney*, Paramount+ etc as well as buying movies or shows through Prime. Amazon Prime will become a hub for streaming channels and less a channel in It’s own right and MGM+ will be one more channel to choose from. The place to go if you want to watch Stargate.

This is the current plan. Time will tell if it’s a good plan.

SciTrek - Jay

By SciTrek - Jay

All I ever wanted from Sci-Trek was to build a community of people that love TV and Movie as much as me and I’m so grateful to have achieved that goal.

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