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Deadline have reported in the last 24 hours that Amazon are developing a Stargate TV series and movie! The franchise we have been telling you was coming all the months.

Read the news article here

Deadline gave said this is going to be part of a slew of MGM IP announcements including Robocop, Legally Blonde movie and series as well as much more.

Amazon Studios has been sifting through MGM’s library, identifying about a dozen initial titles for film and/or TV development, including Robocop, StargateLegally BlondeFameBarbershop, The Magnificent SevenPink Panther and The Thomas Crown Affair.

But we have had reports like this before? Why is this different?

It’s different because this is coming from
deadline and they are A list when it comes to reporting from Hollywood. This is not really a leak but Amazon telling us their plans via Deadline. This is virtually the official announcement we have been waiting for.

Deadline went on to confirm what we have been telling you on 9 chevrons and Scitrek (YouTube) for months, that a Movie will ‘probably’ be first. The movie is the most likely route right now but there are still voices at MGM hoping a TV series can take priority.

Amazon has similar plans for Stargate. We hear both film and TV installments are considered, with a movie likely going first.

But for now this is an exciting day.

7 chevrons locked.

The gate is open!!


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1 month ago

Hum that sounds wonderful but since Stargate universe and origins I’m bit like mo!
Amazon studios and mgm prove that they Real Stargate! They show me! But also mindful had Stargate original development occurred during streaming that demand new content such that possible more seasons and like House of cards drop so long where eyeballs to match it. Think of it 10 esposides every quarter for years if divide current content like Picard into 10 esposides but not set hour with commercial breaks! That ten years of content but 20 seasons of 10 or so episodes and then 10 seasons of Stargate Atlantis of ten episodes if being paid for by enough eyeballs that supports itself plus 4 seasons of Stargate universe where your six episodes all done left earth and dealt need clean air for 3 episodes upwards 2 hours each and 2 hours of2 about harsh reality dying in a star plus 2 hours made into four hours two episodes of about water supply of clean water and 3 for air 2 or 3 of two hours about dying in a star 5 or six episodes then 4 episodes of orginal of Destiny and it seed ships and ancient history of delevopment of all technology and proving it work long be halfway across universe that know is 15 billion light years across. That before season 2 of universe sets stage for Lucian’s Alliance attack on the ship leaving lucian’s alliance starting attack cliff hang with what happened going into season 3.
If charging Picard prices for content create own budgets

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