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We need Ronan Dex!

So exclusively again Scitrek recently dropped news that Amazon and MGM plan to bring Stargate back in a big way. Not just with a series or even a straight to Prime movie but with a Cinematic release!

That’s right we might get to see a new Stargate movie at the cinema!

That though is a huge risk because we want a franchise. We want hours of TV to enjoy and to go and explore the wider universe of Stargate.
A movie would be great but we want more than just 2 hours and if a movie fails badly at the box office, many fear that the hopes of a franchise would die before they even started.

But is there a really easy way to virtually guarantee success?

We think there is… Jason Momoa.

Jason Momoa started his rise to fame really with Stargate Atlantis with the character Ronan Dex and for Gaters he was an immediate favourite. He played off Shepard and McKay brilliantly. He was big and imposing but also fun and cheeky.. just like Jason Momoa himself.

Since then though Jason Momoa has not looked back and following his massively popular run on Games of Thrones, his movie and TV career has really gone GALACTIC! He is a true A lister in Hollywood and everything he touches seems to turn to gold. He even made the DC projects he has been in watchable!

The thing is that when the franchise does get restarted this movie needs to big a big advert for what is planned but also it needs to do the near impossible… it needs to please Gaters while still appealing to a wider audience. That is not as easy thing to do but one way you could do it is if you take advantage of the one actor in the Stargate family who went Imon to become truly massive in Hollywood. Now Amazon may have to pay a big fee and MGM might have to play on the heart strings of Momoa a little to convince him to do it but if they could convince him it really might just be the perfect solution.

Stargate might just need Ronan Dex to take one more step through the gate and kick start a franchise in only the way he can.

SciTrek - Jay

By SciTrek - Jay

All I ever wanted from Sci-Trek was to build a community of people that love TV and Movie as much as me and I’m so grateful to have achieved that goal.

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