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Some months ago Sci-Trek exclusively revealed that Bad Robot had in fact pitched ideas to Amazon and MGM for a new Stargate project. Now, their first pitch did not go too well and was not picked up by executives. However, it has been leaked to us that they in fact pitched a second time… and that that pitch was seen more favorably by Executives at both MGM and Amazon.

That pitched idea is still sitting with executives and currently is still a possible plan for what will eventually become the first part of the new Stargate franchise.
And this is that plot summary… spoiler ahead!
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The Story Begins … Act 1

1) A civilian research team is working on an alien world, working with the locals. We will see some of this work and spend time on the alien world, slowly realising that the local population is keeping something from the team.
2) The team discovers an underground complex and begin to explore. This is the first time the research team finds signs of hieroglyphics and other Egyptian-style architecture.
3) A Jaffa suddenly appears and the team is killed.
4) Back at the SGC we see footage from body cams of the attack against the research team and the order to send a SG team to investigate. Possibly a lone Jaffa?
5) That team goes in but is also killed by a larger force of Jaffa than expected.

Taking action – Act 2

1) Back at the SGC they discuss the different possibilities. There is a peace treaty with the Jaffa nation, the possibility of a Goau’ld is discussed, an enemy that has not been seen for over a decade. They decide to send General Jack O’neil with a team to investigate. They are ordered to hold the gate, recon the situation and wait for reinforcements as a BC-306 is being dispatched.
2) Almost immediately O’neil and his team is attacked when they return to the world and are separated from the gate. Taking serious casualties.
3) O’neil and the surviving members of the team go into hiding and comes across some people living just beyond the town the research team had been working within. These locals tell them that a Goa’uld had been hiding on their world for years… A Goa’uld they called Ra!
4) They make contact with the BC-306 who informs them they have detected 2 enemy vessels in orbit. O’neil sets up a plan to begin an attack on the surface at the same time the BC-306 engages the enemy vessels. Part of this plan requires O’neil to find Ra and know where he is so he cannot escape.

Closing the movie – Act 3

1) Oneil with the help of the locals he has allied himself with sneaks into the complex and finds Ra who is using children as a human shield. O’neil must sacrifice himself to protect these children while signaling the attack to start and the location of Ra. O’neil is killed.
2) The enemy vessels are better armed than expected as the BC-306 takes heavy damage.
3) The attack on the surface lead by the remaining SG team begins taking losses but Jaffa from the free Jaffa nation are beamed down from the BC-306 which comes to their aid.
4) The BC-306 overcomes the enemy vessels.
5)The ground attack eventually corners Ra who tries to escape but is killed.


You may notice the specific spelling of Jack O’neil… 1 L. This is because as part of the pitch meeting Bad Robot argued that Kurt Russel should return and he would play Jack instead of Richard Dean Anderson.
So this is the plot summary that could become the next Stargate Movie.
What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.
SciTrek - Jay

By SciTrek - Jay

All I ever wanted from Sci-Trek was to build a community of people that love TV and Movie as much as me and I’m so grateful to have achieved that goal.

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Steven Shelton
Steven Shelton
1 month ago

Killing Jack is a nonstarter unless the movie takes place in a parallel universe. However, that would defeat the purpose of having a movie tie-in with the series.

RDA and AT each said in recent months they would do a new Stargate series if the other did. Killing off Jack O’Neil (Kurt Russell) in the movie while having Jack O’Neill (RDA) in the series wouldn’t make sense. If it was an extension of the series, it would preclude RDA’s involvement, which would put AT’s appearance in jeopardy.

1 month ago

Send in first team, gets killed
Send in second team, gets killed
Send in third team with Russel (wtf Russel…???), gets mostly killed…
Like how stupid do they want SGC to be? “Oh no they all died? Well throw more meat at them” its like the Russians in WWII (or the current conflict…) all over again

Oh and what a suprising bad guy, Ra….

Man this sounds bad

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