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We have a small window of opportunity…


stargate golf

But it is closing!

Many Gaters feel that Brad Wright is the man behind Stargate. He is the man that took the movie premise and with Robert Cooper created SG1/ The show we fell in love with.

He was the one figure that stayed, watching over the franchise from SG1, Atlantis, and then to Universe. To many Gaters he is Stargate. However, no one at Amazon seems to agree. We told you first and exclusively over a year ago that Amazon was not the biggest fan of where Brad planned to take the new Stargate franchise after MGM asked him to create a Pilot script for the series just before Covid-19 hit.

On a side note we would be on out third season of Stargate now if it wasn’t for Covid… just think about that for a second!

Amazon thought did not like the direction that script was taking and so very early on after buying MGM, they decided to go another way. It was not just about the script though. It was about business too. The simple fact is Amazon does not make TV shows or movies. It pays others too. It will be no different with Stargate when it is finally green-lit. Amazon through MGM will pay another production company to make the series and movies (whatever we end up getting). Brad does not own a production company so someone else must make the show.

Now again first and exclusively we on SciTrek have been talking about who that might be but for now, lets focus on Brad Wright.

So I say we have a window.

Well even though Amazon were not impressed by Brad and his script, it turns out that at MGM he still has his supporters. Michael Wright (no relation to Brad 😊) has been a big supporter for years. He is currently the head of MGM+ and scripted material for MGM Television projects. He was the driving force behind Brad getting the pilot script job in 2019 and he still thinks Brad Wright should be involved. But why? Well… the Rings of Power effect!

The Rings of Power series had a lot of negativity thrown at it even before it was ever released. The series makers made some pretty big errors early on and so did Amazon and this generated a lot of, well I am going to say it, hatred. Now if that turned out to be fair or not is not really important but what is, is the damage all that negativity did to the show?

Michael Wright is fearful of the same thing happening to Stargate.

I would say the same reasoning works for Star Trek and the negativity surrounding Alex Kurtzman by some parts of the Trek community. The haters say he does not know Star Trek, he has no clue and it has ruined the show. Will Stargate’s new showrunner be accused of the same thing if he tries to do something a little different with the franchise this time around.

How do we avoid this negativity though? Because this is the internet, hatred is like paying taxes, its kind of inevitable.

Well, Michael Wright has a simple solution. Bring in, Brad Wright.

Now many Gaters think this has to be as a showrunner, it’s Brad or nothing. I don’t personally agree and from what I am being told by the sources I speak to, that’s not what is being suggested. What is possible though is a Producer role, executive Producer role maybe, if they just brought him in to consult I think it would make a lot of people much happier. Bring him in to help the new creators stay on track, make sure the show still feels like Stargate at its core. That’s what Brad can do and no one else really can.

Other people like Robert Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, etc. could come in and do a job… but honestly, only Brad Wright can really bring what we need to the franchise… he is Stargate.

So we have a small window of opportunity to do something and give MGM and Amazon a gentle nudge. We have a petition for you to sign that we will share with Amazon. We are talking about it and sharing this on Twitter etc too because all the noise helps. We will shout it from the rooftops before the show or movie gets announced because once it is announced, well then the game is over, if Brad is not involved by then, he never will be.

So go sign the petition. Go share this article or go to SciTrek and watch, and share the videos… Let’s make some noise!

Find the petition and Change.org

Link: https://chng.it/xR8Hzmpbqy

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